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At gcTraining we have seasoned coaches who have been very successful working with public servants to improve their job satisfaction and productivity.

The Harvard Business Review reported on November 2004:

"It's not just individuals who benefit from one-on-one coaching, their employers gain immensely, too."


Someone who helps you:

  • Achieve results at work and in all aspects of your life
  • Build stronger relationships
  • Observe, plan, take action, critique and celebrate your successes
  • Coaches work with groups and individuals


Our coaches ...

  • Coach in French and English
  • Have taken extensive coaching training
  • Are credentialed (Certified) by the International Coach Federation
  • Have expereince as managers in large and small public and private organizations
  • Are authors of books and articles about coaching


Respondents to the International Coach Federation survey reported a wide range of benefits as we can see below. The benefits you get will be the ones you go after.

The top 3 benefits of working with a coach

  1. Self-awareness 67.6%
  2. Setting better goals 62.4%
  3. More-balanced life 60.5%


Our clients include coaching in their annual training plan.


Coaches are hired on a monthly basis, normally for periods of at least three months. Your coach is available at all times through email or for short telephone conversations. Formal telephone coaching sessions are arranged three times a month, normally for 45 minutes. Individual rate: $400 monthly. Discounted group rates are also available.


For additional information contact Ken Prevost at (613) 596-4886 or Brooke Broadbent at (613) 725-6962.