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Ken Prevost

Ken Prevost

Ken works as a facilitator, workshop leader, project manager and advisor to Boards and Senior Management on system issues and strategic initiatives.

Education: Bachelor of Business Administration
de Bono Six Thinking Hats ® Certificate.
Certificate in System Dynamics from M.I.T.
NLP Master Practitioner
Former Area Governor with Toastmasters International

For eight years, Ken Prevost was the Executive Director of the Performance and Planning Exchange(PPX), a Canada-based international centre of excellence for learning, sharing and developing expertise in performance and planning - including its measurement, implementation, public reporting and management. (See http://www.ppx.ca )

Background: Twenty-five years in the fields of training and informatics working with multi-nationals such as Unisys and EDS and as a private consultant serving clients in the Public and Private Sectors.
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