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Don R. Officer MA

Donald R. Officer has been a planner, communicator, management consultant and educator for over three decades. He has written numerous articles for newspapers and magazines edited newsletters and on-line forums and continues to review books on a wide series of topics for InSite Reviews and other publications. He has persistently sought better ways to approach the future and how to live there. Don holds a Masters degree from Carleton University, Ontario secondary school teaching credentials from Ottawa University and has completed his certificate in Facilitation graduating Summa Cum Laude from Saint Paul University.

Throughout his 19 years in the federal public service and 15 years teaching at university, college and secondary school levels, Don has remained a strong advocate of strategic thinking, discovering its practice to be of paramount importance in both learning and decision making.

Don has chaired the Ottawa Distance Learning Group and the Saint Paul University facilitation reading club and served on the Organization Development Network of Ottawa-Outaouais Board of Directors, volunteers as a director for the Tree Reading Series is a member of a local Canadian Authors Association writing workshop and moderates the Ottawa Writers' Festival online discussion site. As an active participant in the Ottawa Creative Thinking Group, he often leads provocative discussions like last spring's "Are we hard-wired for faith?"