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Become a Coach Leader
Coaching Skills help Managers To Be More Effective
Get Certified through the ICF (International Coaching Federation)

Revitalize your leadership skills in your fast-paced, changing environment,create meaningful dialogue with team members, resolve conflict and problem solve, facilitate group communication, and enhance productivity'
- workshop taught by
John Sweetnam BA, CEC, PCC
Barb Pierce BEng, MBA, CD, CEC, PCC of Coaching Navigator

Take the first steps towards your own ICF* Coaching Certification while applying your new skills on the job. (* ICF is the International Coaching Federation)

This workshop involves highly experiential training led by accredited professional life, business and spiritual based coaches. Coaching Navigator is considered one of Canada's leading professional coaching organizations - having helped many reach their personal best.

The workshop includes 10 days of training, divided into two parts; part 1 is 6 days and part 2 is 4 days.

Please call for upcoming dates 613-596-4886

Why follow the 'Become a Coach Leader' Program?

The 'Become a Coach Leader' Program is designed to successfully help you navigate your personal and professional life. This one-of-a-kind coach training program certified by the International Coaching Federation can deliver transformational change in your life and the lives around you.

What Will You Take Away?

  • A proven, step by step coaching process to help leaders deal with the increasing complexity of leadership in this fast changing world and complex environments that lead to messy and clumsy execution;
  • Structured coaching lectures, demonstrations and practices that deal with real leadership situations and issues that assist in resolving leadership challenges, relationships issues, and interpersonal conflict;
  • Increased consciousness and confidence as to how you use your energy as an intuitive and inspired leader and help teams and individuals experience courageous conversations;
  • An increased leadership ability supported with the world recognized ICF [International Coaching Federation] coaching protocols and proficiencies that will guide and support individuals and teams to let go of their issues and increase engagement and productivity;
  • A comprehensive, practical, approved and well-designed set of 3 manuals to guide your leadership and coaching practice.

About: Become a Coach Leader

  • This ICF approved training is a transformational experience for anyone wanting to learn about leadership 2015, leading individuals or teams, about the nature of inspired leadership, and in the process achieve the qualifications to become a certified coach;
  • This program is a game changer, whether you are a seasoned leader or new to leading in your organization we offer you the best proven coaching and leadership skills. You will be amazed at how our unique program will enhance your leadership;
  • The training is both practical and experiential where you practice your new skills from day one under the guidance of the Professional Leadership PCC coaches, Barb Pierce and John Sweetnam, who have been in the leadership and coaching field for over 25 years;
  • You will also learn how to motivate others by understanding yourself and team at a deeper level and how your own state deeply affects the group;
  • All of the work is rooted in the ICF (International Coaching Federation) ethics, proven principles and protocols, which guide the coach as a leader in leading the teams' and your own development.

Potential Outcomes from 'Be A Coach Leader' training

  • Coaching grows managers into leaders;
  • Understanding your own belief structure and being personally congruent allows the coaching leader to be fully present with others at work and home;
  • Increased communication amongst team members about issues that affect the efficiency and harmony of the group;
  • Greater support amongst team members as acknowledgement and appreciation are part of daily interaction;
  • A clearer understanding of the power of questions to create choice in outcomes;
  • More effective ways of working through problems or issues in the organization at both the task and interpersonal level;
  • The ability to use the coaching model to resolve conflict in a positive manner so issues are not hidden away;
  • Greater collaboration amongst team members and the reduction of competition that is costly to individuals, the team and the organization;
  • An increased ability to work with other groups in the organization;
  • Coaching supports ongoing communication that supports a sensitive and non-bullying environment;
  • A sense of interdependence among group members and the work members are more engaged;
  • A clear sense of the collective vision and mission of the team. Establishment of clear team operating procedures;
  • Increased creativity and innovation with a collaborative and creative problem solving atmosphere.

Who Should Attend? This Be a Coach Leader program is designed to assist you to get to the root and heart of the issues facing leaders in a modern organization. This program attracts anyone in the leadership role of coach, mentor, consultant, mediator, facilitator, trainer, supervisor, project leader, human resource and organization development, including directors, assistant directors, managers, chiefs and team leaders; The daily practicum allows participants, attendees or individuals to try on each new theory of leadership from a coaching perspective and experience the ease of change and how we achieve inspired and awesome outcomes that serve ourselves and our organization in an authentic and compassionate manner. The clients leave with a deeper awareness of choice, appreciation, gratitude, and empathy.