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Integrated Business and HR Planning : A Manager's Responsibility

Integrated Business and HR Planning
A Manager's Responsibility

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2 day workshop - 8:30 to 4:30
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Integrated business and HR planning is an important building block in continuously improving and building the human capacity of your organization to deliver services to clients. Integrated business and HR planning is the set of processes by which a business line manager identifies the different factors influencing the delivery of their services, programs and business priorities of their organization and the implications for workforce requirements, in effect the “current and future needs”. Management assesses the current workforce, the labour market and the short and long term HR needs related to their organization structure, employee skills and competencies and identifies critical positions. Current and future human resources gap analysis is done, and workplace and workforce plans are developed to address the gaps and support the achievement of broader organizational objectives. Management is then able to review and measure results and progress for their organization against their annual plans. HR planning can mitigate risks associated with lack of balance between workload requirements and capacity, aging workforce, tight labour markets, technological change, and so on. It can also help to identify optimal strategies and activities for such important HR management components as recruitment, staffing, onboarding, performance, training, development, talent management, employee engagement, succession and promotion.

The Workshop Content

This two-day Workshop on Integrated Business and HR Planning provides an opportunity to put in place in your organization a “Best-practices” model developed from the best of what is being implemented in departments across the government.

The workshop will cover the following Modules:

  • What is Integrated Business and HR Planning
  • Who does it and when
  • How does integrated Business and HR planning drive virtually all other HR processes
  • Examining each element of the integrated Business and HR Planning process
  • Business Planning
    • Priorities, Drivers, and Culture
    • Evaluate changes to service delivery, organizational structure, and infrastructure
    • Assess impact on Labour/Employee relations
    • Determine HR requirements to meet current and new business priorities
    • Complete a GAP analysis between needed and available resources by examining Demographics, Competencies, Numbers and Critical Positions
    • Assess and prioritize operational risks related to Resource GAPS
  • Draft HR/Workforce Plan
    • integrating approaches to: recruitment, staffing, onboarding, performance, training, development, talent management, employee engagement, succession and promotion.
  • Draft Workplace Plan
    • to enable employees addressing: Facilities; Technology; Org. Structure; Roles and Responsibilities; Hours of Work; Accommodations for Specific Employees; and, Performance Agreements
  • Establish Performance Measures for both Workforce and Workplace Plans

The Process

This workshop has a strong foundation in the relevant theory and at the same time ensures a highly interactive approach. It incorporates activities designed to embed this theory, encourage reflection and explore the pragmatic applications. Throughout the workshop a mix of training modes will be utilized, such as; group discussion, presentations, case studies and exercises. These are designed to align your needs to the workshop content and develop your own approach to integrated Business and HR planning.

The Benefits

Following completion of this workshop, you will know how to:

  • Use a strategic model to implement integrated Business and HR Planning, and know where this fits into your strategic and corporate business planning
  • Translate business strategy into HR actions to maximize Human Capital investment
  • Integrate the components of HR management to maximize return on individual capacities
  • Build and produce high level HR management information
  • Show the added value of integrating HR planning with your business planning

Background on Facilitator

The facilitator for this workshop, John Thomas, has had extensive experience in integrated Business and HR Planning in private and public sector environments and has given numerous workshops within the Federal Government and abroad.