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Delivering on Deliverology: What it Means for You

Mar 23, 2018 $595

One-day workshop
* Please note prices do not include tax
* When 2 or more attend a workshop from the same organization, they will receive a 10% discount.

Much has been written about Deliverology and the Results and Delivery agenda of the new government. However, few specifics have emerged regarding the consequences this agenda will have for organizations and the managers and employees within them, the exciting opportunities that this agenda represents, and the implementation pitfalls that should be avoided.

This workshop will walk participants through the key Deliverology principles, draw connections to the results-based management practices that have evolved in the past 20 years and how they can be leveraged and improved, and dispel myths that have taken root regarding the success of Deliverology implementation in other jurisdictions.

Deliverology: What it Means for You is designed specifically for executives, managers, unit heads and analysts in all federal departments and agencies by one of North America's leading integrated management thought leaders. The workshop is highly interactive so that Deliverology concepts and approaches can be explored through real-life participant scenarios, better preparing attendees who seek to embrace and leverage key Deliverology principles.

Participants will be able to explore:

  • key Deliverology principles and practices and how they can be integrated into existing results-based management principles and practices;
  • potential challenges and pitfalls in implementing Deliverology - and how they can be avoided;
  • how to lead a results and delivery "revolution" in your organization;
  • how to influence the results and delivery agenda within your department and the federal government community as a whole.

John Harrison, the President of BMB Consulting Services Inc. and co- founder of Canadian Government Executive and Vanguard magazines, has assisted many departments and agencies in successfully implementing key Government of Canada results-based management policies such as the Planning, Reporting and Accountability and Management, Resources and Results Structure policies, and direction-stetting and guidance related to the Management Accountability Framework, Results-based Management and Accountability Framework and Program Performance Measurement Strategies. He is also well-known for his authorship of a series of Connecting the Dots articles on results-based management principles and practices, as well as his organization and delivery of numerous workshops, learning events and conferences for executives, managers and their employees, all designed to build capacity and provide greater clarity and shared understanding of such important management approaches.