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PhotoReading, MindMapping and Memory

- Take Control of Your Mind, PhotoRead to Stay Ahead, MindMap for Clarity,Build Powerful Memory, and Know Your Subject-Matter well
(3-day Intensive)

Mar 18 - 19 - 20 , 2020 $1095

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* Weekend hours - Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Saturday 9 am - 5 pm, Sunday 9 am - 5 pm
3 day workshop - 8:30- 4:30

PhotoReading, MindMapping and Memory is a workshop designed to help develop and sustain practical knowledge of how to do something correctly, smoothly and efficiently. Class size is limited.

The Knowledge Mastery with PhotoReading workshop consists of 5 modules:

  • Managing the Mind - how to be at our most effective, relaxed and stress free in our pursuit of knowledge
  • Mind-Mapping - how to lay out knowledge in a structured way for effective and easy recall
  • Memory - how to use the most powerful memory technique, the Phonetic System, to facilitate recall of any information in many forms
  • PhotoReading - a powerful process which allows for very rapid acquisition of knowledge in little time with great comprehension
  • Knowledge Play - a process whereby knowledge, once acquired, is examined, explored, assessed and reviewed from many different perspectives, and with the intent of extracting maximum value from it.

The PhotoReading, MindMapping and Memory workshop:

  • Have you ever been overwhelmed and had a feeling of anxiety about a project or your daily workload?
  • Have you ever been embarrassed by forgetting details in an important meeting?
  • Have you ever felt bogged down by the reams of documents and reports (sitting in your office) that you need to read but can never find the time?
  • Have you ever wished for a more effective stress-free way to ease the burden at work?
  • Have you ever wished to own a topic completely?

Then we have the solution!!

"PhotoReading, MindMapping and Memory" 3 day workshop

This transformative workshop will change your life and enhance your career.

Here is what the PhotoReading, MindMapping and Memory workshop will provide to you:

  • An 8 step process to managing your mind for optimum success and increased productivity.
  • 4 ways to generate clarity and focus through mind-mapping
  • 3 memory techniques to boost your memory skills and allow you to remember key points on demand
  • The PhotoReading Whole-Mind System which will insure rapid reading and content retention
  • Knowledge Play techniques which will boost your expertise and expand your knowledge.

Who should attend this 3 day workshop:

  • Supervisors, Managers, Leaders, Officers, frontline personnel and Admin staff.

This 3-day workshop will provide you with the building blocks which will help you excel at work and in your personal life. The time tested techniques learned here will prepare you for career advancement, a career change, or simply make your work more manageable and enjoyable. The soft skills you will learn will serve you for the rest of your life.

Workshop Outline

  1. Managing Your Mind - Cultivating a state of effectiveness

    In this session you will:

    • Learn the technique that reduces the 'monkey chatter' we all endure in our lives.
    • Learn how to relax and focus on the challenges that you face while being positive and stress free.
    • Learn about meditation, breath, relaxation, flow and personal effectiveness and how they can be used to your advantage.
    • Experience calm, serenity and focus in your daily life.
    With this workshop:
    • You will feel that you have a greater sense of being in control.
    • You will learn how to be serene in a sometimes chaotic workplace
    • You will feel much more positive about your life, about your colleagues and your career

  2. Mind Mapping - Organizing ideas for clarity

    In this session you will:

    • Learn the secret of developing clarity and knowing what are the next action steps.
    • Learn to remove the clutter and wasted energy of overlapping ideas and fuzzy thinking.
    • Learn how to lay out ideas in a logical form and in a very concise fashion.
    • Learn how to see the big picture and understand how the various components fit together.

    With this workshop, you will learn:

    • How to develop greater clarity about projects and acquire the discipline to stay on track
    • How to communicate ideas in a straightforward and concise manner
    • How to look at your world in a more strategic way rather than simply 'putting out fires' all day long

  3. Memory techniques
    • Have you ever forgot important information and had 'senior moments' even if you are not a senior?
    • Have you ever wished you could recall vital information about projects, policy or programs?
    • Have you wished you could be relaxed and confident that you knew all the details?

    The techniques you will learn in this session will teach you:

    • How to retain information and recall it at a moment's notice.
    • How to remember specific details about your work.
    • How to remember presentation points.
    • How to remember all the items in a list and be able to repeat the list in any order.

    Imagine the feeling you will have when you give your next presentation without notes; we'll show you how.

  4. PhotoReading

    In this session you will:

    • Learn how to read 300 page books much faster than before taking the workshop.
    • Unlearn the old way and learn several new techniques that will take you light years ahead of the pack in your education and wisdom.
    • Learn how to build an amazing vocabulary; by combining PhotoReading and powerful memory techniques.

    With PhotoReading, you can become the SME (subject-matter expert) that can propel your career to new heights.

    The Key to Life's Success

    PhotoReading is so much more than just a reading process. It's a life enhancement process; a career success process. PhotoReading shows you how to process unlimited amounts of information and quickly and easily access what is important to you. It opens up a world of possibilities and makes learning and reading fun and easy.

    Why PhotoRead?

    FOR THOSE IN GOVERNMENT, BUSINESS, AND EDUCATION: to get your reading done quicker, to take on impossible projects with less stress and uncertainty, to read what experts say on most any topic important to your job, to keep up on industry, policy, program areas, or needs of your organization-without staying late or taking work home.

    You will get the inside story on how to use PhotoReading to learn new skills to improve anything, from playing golf to managing your time, plus, so much more...

    Absorb all the information you want with great comprehension and retention - Being well-read and knowledgeable is an invaluable skill in today's world, but the flow of information can be overwhelming. PhotoReading is the super fast learning technology that lets you absorb information at least 3 times faster almost instantly. PhotoReading is fast...faster than speed reading. And it's easy, too. Whether it's books, magazines, or even complicated business and technical information, you'll absorb information as fast as you can turn the pages, and, most importantly, remember it.

    Confidence in your abilities - Free from outside distractions for 3 days, you'll practice PhotoReading on a minimum of 3 books and several articles. You will experience the best ways to bring in and activate information so that you know the way that is right for you and the material. You will walk out confident in your enhanced skill. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

    Change the way you learn - You can become a fountain of useful and meaningful knowledge with PhotoReading. Traditional reading and learning focus on stringing individual words together to find meaning. PhotoReading allows you to find meaning in huge amounts of information without worrying about the individual words. It is an invaluable tool for all students - increased learning capacity in less time.

    • PhotoReading will help you to save time; you'll find this workshop isn't a luxury, it's a necessity!
    • Leaders read quickly to stay current; PhotoReading is a powerful tool to allow you to read at least three times faster and remove your reading backlog in very little time. It feels great being up-to-date!
    • We refer to PhotoReading as being a whole-mind system. This refers to the optimum utilization of the logical left-brain and the intuitive right-brain in the PhotoReading process. PhotoReaders find they use more of their brain to learn faster. They increase their intuitive ability by establishing a better relationship with their conscious and unconscious minds. You will PhotoRead with a sense of effortlessness and relaxation. PhotoReaders read in a state of relaxed attentiveness.
    • PhotoRead and improve your comprehension when you read, and equally as important, remember what you read.
    • This whole-mind workshop and its soft skills will impact your career and your life.
    • As we move into an era of information overwhelm, only be using the PhotoReading whole-mind system will we stay current, in control, and ready for whatever comes our way.
    • If you are just starting your career, this whole-mind workshop will provide a set of powerful soft-skills which will be invaluable in the years ahead. We enter a time of rapid change, with vast amounts of information coming our way and we need tools and techniques to comfortably stay ahead of the game. By continually practicing the whole-mind PhotoReading soft-skills, we will improve and be ready, both now and in the future.
    • If you are in mid-career, the whole-mind PhotoReading workshop will give you the added boost to stay sharp and current and provide you with a set of tools to continue to make a contribution on the job and in life.
    • We are never too old to learn. Have you heard of ordinary folks learning to read at 95? If you are nearing retirement, the whole-mind PhotoReading workshop will give you the momentum to cross that finish-line and move into retirement with ease and be so well positioned to enjoy a productive retirement with strong mental capacity.
    • Want to be an SME (subject-matter expert) in your job? More to the point, need to be an SME in your job? Take the whole-mind PhotoReading workshop which will provide you with a set of soft-skills to help you to manage your knowledge and realize all that you desire to achieve in your life and in your career!

  5. Knowledge Play

    In this session you will:

    • Structure your knowledge for greatest clarity.
    • Explore the distinction between knowledge and wisdom.
    • Examine what you know from multiple perspectives.
    • Extract value from knowledge relationships.
    • Establish a system for ongoing exploration.

Bursts of creativity and power thinking - You'll see how your mind can playfully combine ideas and facts from everything you've read, which inevitably leads to new ideas and bursts of creative thinking. Your ability to make quick and informed decisions will also improve - very valuable in the working world.

Register now: 10% discount when two or more attend from the same organization and your satisfaction is guaranteed

We are so confident you will be pleased with your seminar that your satisfaction is guaranteed. If for any reason you're unsatisfied, you will receive a complete refund of the seminar tuition if you leave after the first day. After that you will receive an 85% refund for up to 60 days after the completion of your seminar. Plus, you can call our PhotoReading Success Coaches after the seminar if you have any questions.

Your instructor

Taught by Ken Prevost, Principal of Prevost Associates and Founder of gcTraining.ca. Ken has been trained by Lynette Ayres, a PhotoReader since 1986 and a master PhotoReading Instructor Trainer. Not only does Lynette teach PhotoReading classes for Learning Strategies, she has trained over 150 instructors in 34 countries. She worked with Paul Scheele, PhotoReading developer, to design the flow of this workshop into a fun, interactive, and joyful experience. Lynette is the best of the best.

With this 3 day workshop, you will have all the tools you need to lead a happier and more productive life both personally and in your career.