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Leading Organizational Change: Best Practices and Leading-edge Thinking

Join one of Canada's leading experts on Change Management as he walks through a step-by-step process for implementing a Change Management Strategy.

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2 day workshop - 8:30 to 4:30
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Workshop Overview:

Large-scale organizational change is here and will be for the foreseeable future. Pressures for change come from many directions and are rarely simple. They usually possess a common thread in that they all impact significantly on people. In the quest for a smooth transition through the change process, by following a change methodology and learning from the experiences of others, we can mitigate against the risks associated with change and take our projects to a successful conclusion.

The Workshop Content

This two-day Workshop on Managing Change provides an opportunity to learn best practices and leading-edge thinking in the area of change. The workshop will cover the following modules:

  • Why focus on Change Management
  • Change Vs. Transition and Understanding the Three Phases of Transition
  • Managing Transitions
  • A Change Management Model that synthesizes several classic models
  • CM Project Charter and Governance
  • Establishing the Vision
  • Understanding the Current State
  • CM Strategy and Implementation Plans
  • Implementing Four Enablers for Change Management:
    • Leadership
    • Strategic Directions
    • Taking Care of the People
    • Enabling Technology
  • Principles of Change Management

The Process

This workshop has a strong foundation in several overlapping theories from which a "Best Practices" understanding will be developed. At the same time the workshop ensures a highly interactive approach by incorporating activities designed to embed this theory, encourage reflection and explore the pragmatic applications. Throughout the workshop a mix of training modes will be utilized, such as: group discussion, presentations, case studies and exercises. These are designed to align your needs to the workshop content and develop your own approach to the management of change, so that participants can put into practice what they have learned.

The Benefits

Following completion of this workshop, you will know how to:

  • Implement transition of the people while ensuring the organizational changes take place
  • Examine the various theories to see what combination of Change Management models is right for you and your organization
  • Put into place an integrated approach to Change and Transition Management
  • Implement each of the elements of this integrated approach to Change Management

Background of Facilitator

The facilitator for this workshop, John Thomas, has had extensive experience in managing change in private and public sector environments and has given numerous workshops within the Federal Government in Canada and abroad.