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Your Strategic Plan - Development and Implementation (2-day workshop)

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2 day workshop - 8:30 to 4:30
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Join one of Canada's leading experts on Results-based Management as he walks through a step-by-step process for implementing a strategy management framework that supports the development and execution of your Strategic Plan.

Summary of Course Content:

  • The what and of strategic planning and strategy management;
  • Different approaches to strategic planning;
  • Inputs to strategic planning;
    • Approaches to assessing all influential factors in the organization/program external environment and internal environment
  • Strategic planning components;
    • Mandate, mission and values
    • Vision, strategic goals/objectives and supporting priorities
    • Strategy maps
    • Action plans, alignment mechanisms, accountability instruments, key performance indicators
    • Communications and key messaging
  • Monitoring, reporting and evaluation of the Strategic Plan

The workshop will work through the case study of a typical public sector organization from beginning to end in developing all of the above components using a variety of proven tools and techniques.

Purpose of the course:

This workshop focuses on the tools and techniques required to address one of the most difficult management challenges that executives face – the construction and ongoing maintenance of a realistic and useful strategy that, and its successful implementation. Designed for executives, their management teams and those who must facilitate the implementation of an integrated strategic plan for an organization or program, this workshop offers a practical approach to addressing this management challenge.

Course Approach:

With respect to implementation of the integrated strategic plan, the workshop will cover the essentials of strategy management as taught by thought leaders Robert Kaplan and David Norton, co-founders of the Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Maps and the Palladium Group’s Strategy Management System and John Harrison's experience with a variety of national and international public sector organizations.

  • The components of a robust strategy management system
  • Critical success factors for successful strategy execution
  • The lexicon of terms and processes that support a robust strategy execution process
  • The differences between sustaining and change agenda delivery and why management of these agendas requires different yet complementary management tools and approaches
  • The differences between a program logic model and a strategy map
  • How strategy maps can be used as a communications tool to make the change agenda strategy and performance story more explicit to employees and as a management tool to understand the cause and effect relationships between strategic themes and their supporting strategic objectives and initiatives
  • The differences and similarities between an operational dashboard and a "Balanced Scorecard" and
  • The roles and responsibilities of the delivery units responsible for strategy management

The Step-by-Step Strategy Execution Process:

  • Review external and internal operating environment: assessing strengths,weaknesses, opportunities and threats, utilizing information available on current performance, risks and other factors that could impact performance;
  • Develop the strategy by selecting key themes, objectives and initiatives linked to key indicators, targets that will be impacted by the strategy;
  • Align organizational units, programs and employees to the strategy;
  • Plan for delivery through priority setting and resources allocation;
  • Monitor and learn from execution of the strategy; and
  • Make the necessary adjustments to the strategy.

Recognized as one of Canada’s leading integrated management practitioners and trainers, John Harrison has taught integrated management principles and practices to hundreds of public sector executives, managers and their staff over the past twenty plus years and is a leader in successfully applying Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Management principles developed by Drs. Robert Kaplan and David Norton within national and international public sector environments.

This workshop will be of significant interest to program executives, their management teams and those who must facilitate the implementation of integrated strategic and business plans for organizations and programs. This workshop will also be of value to those working centrally within departments and ministries to assist program executives in developing and implementing strategies as part of their integrated planning and reporting responsibilities.