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Performance Measurement: From Theory to Practice : The What, How, Why, How and How Much (2-Day Intensive)
La mesure du rendement : De la théorie à la pratique , le Quoi, le Comment, le Pourquoi et le Combien (2-Journées intensives)

Nov 25 - 26, 2019 $1095
Jan 27 - 28, 2020 $1095
Mar 9 - 10, 2020 $1095

2 day workshop - 8:30 to 4:30
* Please note prices do not include tax
* When 2 or more attend a workshop from the same organization, they will receive a 10% discount.

Despite considerable energy, time and financial resources invested in performance measurement activities, most public sector organizations and programs have not been able to reach the stage of regular performance reporting that enables informed decision-making at different levels and across various dimensions/perspectives. Join a seasoned performance measurement practitioner who has actually led each and every phase of successful performance measurement implementation, culminating in the production of useful and informative performance reporting. This workshop will equip you and your organization with the tools and templates that will enable you to produce your first performance report within three to six months. In a step-by step, "learning by doing", highly interactive session, you will walk through the following six steps of BMB Consulting Services Inc. unique, proven and time-tested methodology:

  • Step 1 Education
  • Step 2 Building a Logic Model/Logical Framework
  • Step 3 Selecting the "Critical Few" Performance Indicators
  • Step 4 Developing the Performance Reporting Strategy
  • Step 5 Building the first Performance Story
  • Step 6 Finalizing and implementing the Performance Measurement Strategy

This workshop is designed to provide participants with enough practical knowledge and experience to begin implementing performance measurement in their program area or organization, or to provide further knowledge in enhancing the approach they are taking to the refinement of performance measurement as a repeatable activity within their program/organization.

Day one deals with the language and the step-by-step Performance Measurement Strategy development and implementation methodology.

On day two, the instructor will focus on the practical application of performance measurement principles. This component is designed to build on day one, providing participants with the practical knowledge and experience to build and refine an ongoing performance story that will enhance planning, reporting and accountability against program and management performance expectations at different levels, multiple dimensions/perspectives to meet the needs of various audiences with particular needs.

This workshop will be of interest to: executives; program managers; planning, performance measurement and program evaluation practitioners; and project managers, team leaders and team members involved in implementing performance measurement.