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Connecting the Dots: Implementing the Government's Results and Delivery Agenda (2-Day Intensive)//Faire le lien – Relier l’AAP/SGRR et le CRG (2-Journées intensives)

Jan 27 - 28, 2020 $1095

2 day workshop - 8:30 to 4:30
* Please note prices do not include tax
* When 2 or more attend a workshop from the same organization, they will receive a 10% discount.

Many federal government organizations have experienced at least some difficulty in reconciling and integrating the various approaches to results-based management that have been introduced by central agencies and the consulting community in the past two decades. This management need has been made more challenging with the introduction of the Policy on Results and the government's Deliverology focus

In this two-day workshop, participants will be led through a practical step-by-step approach to linking the Departmental Results and Management Accountability Frameworks (DRF and MAF) and their components within a results-based management environment that integrates strategic and business/operational planning, performance and risk, cost management and the sustaining and change agendas.

You will also learn how to improve your organization's management of two components of program delivery, the Sustaining Agenda - representing your ongoing or day to day operations - and the Change Agenda - representing your strategy and "intervention initiatives" for transforming your operations, both of which are integral to successful implementation of the Policy on Results and Deliverology.

You will leave the workshop with practical tools and techniques for:

  • Obtaining agreement on the most relevant Key Responsibility Areas and Program Inventory elements
  • Linking the DRF and MAF in a truly integrated way;
  • Integrating performance and risk;
  • Aligning strategy maps, logic models and delivery chains;
  • Understanding performance patterns and drivers;
  • Developing target metrics and their leading indicators;
  • Setting priorities;
  • Managing interventions and delivery plans;
  • Costing your Departmental Results Framework;
  • Mapping and integrating your Sustaining and Change Agendas; and
  • Monitoring the impacts of your strategy and associated objectives, initiatives, indicators and targets.

Finally, the workshop will provide participants with the capability to build an integrated management environment with four components (management structures, frameworks, and accountability instruments and the supporting enablers) and a planning and reporting cycle that integrates: the DRF and MAF, strategic, business/operational and activity/project plans and performance management agreements; ongoing commitments (Sustaining Agenda) and key commitments (Change Agenda); and performance measurement, risk and cost management.

Background of Facilitator

Your workshop leader is John Harrison. John is the Managing Partner of BMB Consulting Services Inc., an Ottawa-based consulting firm with a cross-Canada reach.

John's current consulting focus is on assisting public sector clients in implementing management best practices, processes and frameworks that improve strategy focus and internal decision-making to support the achievement of breakthrough results, with particular emphasis on the Government of Canada's results and delivery agenda. He is a popular and frequently invited speaker on integrated management, strategic and business planning, change leadership and performance management issues, is one of Canada's leading Balanced Scorecard and performance measurement practitioners and led the development of BMB's Integrated Management Environment and performance measurement methodologies.